Monday, May 17, 2010


This week has been difficult but I've seen the blessings of obedience. A couple of the days this week were very difficult. It felt like everything we did wasn't going anywhere. We would go to our appointments and they either wouldn't be there, or were to stuck in their ways to want to change. So we weren't very able to teach plus some of the weather was just so cold and depressing that it was hard to keep my happiness level up at abnormally happy. Although some of the appoinments and spiritual promptings we've had this week were truly amazing. We have these investigators April, Will, and their two children Amanda and Trey. Amanda and Trey come and go in lessons as they please. Will is a little shy and April is pretty consistent go with the flow kinda person. Well we came over and Will finally joined in the lesson, which was great because we were teacing about the power of prayer and how it will bless your life when you talk with Heavenly Father as a family and personally. Well we ended that appoinment with a very spiritual kneeling prayer. Then the next time we came by Will had already noticed the blessings of prayer because his family that had not been in contact with him for over 4 years finally found him and he has had the oppurtunity to re-connect with them. Also after we stopped by their house and were just about to leave I saw some people sitting on their porch and felt we should talk to them because we hadn't really talked to anyone new that day. Well their names are Chester and his Daughter Ariauna. I honestly think that currently they are our strongest investigators. Saturday we dropped by and had a great lesson, so much so that he wanted to come to church. Well at church he expressed intrest in being baptized and was also quite far in The Book of Mormon. So tonight we're gonna commit them to baptism. Oh!?And the mumbler lady came to church and me and Elder Cardenaz found out that her name is Jonnie Mae Johnson not Jennie which kinda threw us both off. She was rather outspoken?and overwhelmed at?church I think but I think she'll be alright. I don't know if?I already wrote this but she let us in her house because she's a Jehovah Witness and she thought we were. But she's interested I?think. Just funny how the lord works in mysterious ways.?Ummm....on a less spiritual note but rather funny in a "Reap what you sow" kinda way. I was looking at my armpits the other night and decided they were to hairy so I partially shaved them. But now they've been like super chaffy and itchy. But yeah. Hope that made ya giggle. Anyway love ya all.

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