Monday, May 3, 2010

First City; Akron, Ohio

Well hi everyone. I'm finally out in the field. It was a weird plane flight to Ohio. The Detroit airport (on my layover) was kinda super confusing. Because it was huge and people kept starring at me funny. Also it had like this crazy tunnel with changing colors all over the wall and background music. But I made it onto my plane that would "Hop the pond" (lake erie) but it was a smaller airplane and so i wasn't able to fit all my carry-ons in it so this guy named Bob helped me out with that. Then I returned the favor by talking to him about the Church and the B.o.M. I don't think he was too interested but it's better to chat on a plane when your bored and sitting next to someone you've never met. Makes the flight go faster. When I finally arrived in Cleveland. I could not wipe the smile off my face. I got my luggage and finally found the Mission Pres. and the AP Elder Rassmusen shook there hands and left to the mission home. (I got the phrase "hop the pond" from Elder Rasmussen) On the way to the Mission home I found out Elder Rasmussen was leaving thursday. At the Mission home all the senior missionaries who work in the mission office talked to/at me while I was eating a Sandwich. Ummm....After that long day was over I went to Kirtland the next morning. It was really cool (Definantly felt the spirt in the room the Savior appeared). I kinda got an extra special tour with the community of christ guy and our church guy whose name slips my mind. But we read from D&C where the revalation was given. I was kinda picked on a lot because I was the only new guy. But eh... Um then we went to the Newell K. Whitney store and did kind of School of the Prophets thingy. OH!!! So everyone who is reading this I've got a mission scripure for you. Its D&C 39:14. It's pretty cool.
After all that craziness I met my Trainer Elder Cardenaz. He's from Redding, California. He's also the district leader of my uh district. Been out 18 months. The mission work has been alright I think. I don't like tracting much but I'm getting used to it. Teaching lessons is much cooler than tracting. Had a pretty good lesson yesterday with the Jones. Their potential investigators.
My address is Elder Lance Sumsion
429 N. Hawkins Ave. Apt. #307
Akron, OH 44313
So yeah this city is huge in my area there's a university probably bigger than BYU. The University of Akron. The members are great, we've got quite a few. I'm in a biking area. My bike is currently elsewhere in my district but I'm getting it tomorrow. But it's like custom made for mission work and to my height. I take the bus a lot and we get a lot of rides from the Barberton Elders. Elder Talbot from Syracuse (was in the MTC with Troy) and Elder Perkins from Kanab who has only been here 1 transfer. I haven't met my whole district yet I'm playing ultimate Frisbee with them later.
Anyway. I'm enjoying the work. My testimony is growing as I watch the gospel change the Recent Converts (I've met) lives. Bro. Dave Andress was baptized last week and he's totally flipped from what I've heard. Anyway I love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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