Monday, May 24, 2010


Well this week started good Monday and Tuesday we were right on track to complete our goals for the week. We even got 5 Baptismal Dates! Then after Zone Conference everything started falling apart kinda. Our golden investigator Chester and his daughter Ariauna (with a baptismal date for June 19th) we could not get in touch with until Saturday. When we finally found him he said he would be at church tomorrow but he didn't come because he was tired we haven't even seen Ariauna since last Sunday. So we really haven't had to much to time with him to help them progress. Our other Baptismal Date June 26th for the Family April, Will and their daughter Amanda who is 8 with a younger sibling named Trey who is 4. We've been in contact with but we couldn't get them to church because they were getting custody or visitation of their other children on Sunday so they didn't want to come to church and also April is having shots put in her foot for something which is not good it could eventually lead to some sort of surgery if the shots don't work out...Ummm. Our Investigator Johnie Mae Johnson is still really difficult to teach, so we're trying to find a really good ward member to help us teach. We're trying to teach very visually but its rather difficult, Friday we were having trouble getting her to recognize that the boat Noah built was way before the boat Nephi built and that they weren't the same boat. It's difficult to work with her but she is a wonderful lady and I think with our visits her reading skills have improved. Although we couldn't get a hold of her Saturday so she didn't come to church Sunday.
My first Zone Conference was pretty good. The spirit was always a must need at that meeting in order to help us think of ways to help our investigators be baptized. They've been focusing a lot on extending the baptismal commitment on the first or second lesson but preferably the first and it has worked the number of Baptismal dates have gone up by fifty percent in the mission. So as a mission we're doing an alright job I think.
I'm at a loss for what to say. Thank you all. Love you.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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