Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Uh....I went on an exchange this week

Lets see…This week was a little different because for Tuesday and Wednesday I was on my first real exchanges with Elder Hamilton. He's from the Layton area, he's going home next week though. He's a ZL much more determined than a normal last transfer ZL than normal though. From what I understand is usually Elders on their last transfer aren't allowed to be in Leader positions in this mission because they is very trunky. He helped me out in those areas that Elder Cardenaz has been having trouble teaching me, mainly the nightly planning. Which seems like a terrible chore everytime we get home, but he showed me how to use the area book to get the planning done a lot faster. This week we got 3 new investigators and quite a few potentials came with those investigators. One of our new investigators we've already got commited to baptism on the 3rd of July. Her name is Taylor she's 16 and has an almost 2 year old daughter named Ava. She's really great and she is improving so much everytime we meet with her. She and her sister Tyler also were the only investigators we were able to get to church. Chester told us he was coming the night before but he wasn't there again. Sigh. April and Will had more family coming that weekend so they just said no. So sadly I'm thinking this week we're probably gonna have to move their dates to a later time. One of the great things about Taylor (and maybe younger investigators altogether) is that we haven't had much trouble with her not being home when we come for appointments. Compared to our 5 other baptism dates where most of our troubles is making the appoinments work out or in the case of Chester, we have a lot of trouble finding him. This week was good though, I love seeing the effect that the gospel brings into peoples lives as soon as they start to understand it.

Nothing much else really going on. Um...This week I talked to an aethiest. He was very kind of rude. Said he only beleived in science, and that Noah's ark wouldn't have been big enough and how could the Kangaroo's come from Austrailia to the ark (Cough-Pangea). Also he thought we were crazy for beleiving in Joseph Smith which is normal, but when I tried to hand him an articles of faith card to show him what we really believe in he said "No thank you, I already know about your religion. I've seen South Park." But the thing I learned from that whole experience was that even though Elder Cardenaz and I were doing our best of inviting the spirit the other guy didn't want it. So really there's only so much we can do when they won't listen and just want to bash.
Anyway love ya all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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