Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hello Everybody. This week was moderately sad because me and E. Cardenaz decided that we're dropping April, Will, and Chester for the next few weeks. It has been too much of them not keeping appointments and not coming to church. So we're gonna not visit or anything the next little while. So sadly there baptisms for the time being are canceled.
But we still have Taylor scheduled for July 3rd and I think Tyler might be ready to commit here soon too so that's good. They are both progressing pretty well. Taylor's been to church twice. She's having a little trouble at the thought of giving up "partying" but we keep bearing testimony that it will change her life for her and her daughters good. Also we've got a really great member Sis. Angerstein who before she joined the church had basically the same problem as Taylor before she joined the church.
Oh, and by the way I'm not getting transferred. I figured I wouldn't, but E. Talbot in my district and ward is getting transferred somewhere in the zone. So that's a little sad but oh well new people new experiences.
On Saturday a seventy E. Foster is coming for mission conference. So that's exciting. He talked about cows at conference.
Gotta go. We're helping a family move.
Elder Sump

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