Monday, June 28, 2010

Flamed Again!!!

This week our key indicators don't look all that great because we were flamed quite a few times. Tuesday night we had three appointments. Every single one of them fell through. We did a lot of walking that night it was very tiring. We also had a couple exchanges this week. I went down to Canton on Monday to teach with and learn from Elder Farmer. He's a great Elder, very humble and complementary. Then on Wednesday I spent the day with Elder Adams. Very diligent Elder he is. Thursday we spent some time with Jennie Means a recent convert. She needed help getting her family history in order so she could get some of her deceased family members baptized on saturday with a temple trip the ward had been planning. Investigators were continually missing appointment's the rest of the week. The highlight of the week though was Saturday. We went to Kirtland with Taylor and her daughter Ava, Darlene Craig, and our ward members Sis. Angerstein and Bro. Ethan Lewis. We had a wonderful time other than a lot of the time we had to deal with some small distractions that the adversary loves to place in our path. But altogether I really enjoyed the visit and I hope and Pray that Darlene and Taylor did too. Although we sadly had to push Taylors baptism back to the 17th because her mother couldn't make it until then.

Anyways, I love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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