Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

We've been doing a lot of walking trying to help Barberton keep their miles down when they pick us up to take us to dinner with members. Taylor our strongest investigator with a date set for the 3rd proggressed quite a bit this week. Mainly on Friday, we visited with her and talked about tithing, fast offerings, and the commandments. Well tithing and fast offering was just very simple and she accepted it quite easily. When we started talking about the commandments she was accepting them just like usual. But when we got to honor thy father and thy mother she just talked and talked and talked about how her relationship with her mother has improved so very much since she started visiting with us and coming to church. She said that she didn't realize it but she has always wanted to be as close to her mother as possible but she couldn't because everytime someone offends her she goes straight to violence rather than talking it out. Well now she's spending quality time with her mother and she's loving it. We told her that what she just talked about was her testimony. Although, sadly she slept in on Sunday causing her to miss church. But our other investigators that came to church Darlene Craig and Zelma Kennerly were very interested in the subject we were talking about. It was about Exaltation and becoming gods, talk about drinking from a fire hose the first time you come to church. We haven't really been able to talk to them much since church, but they said they've got some questions. But hopefully that hooked them into the gospel rather than turned them away. The last couple things that happened this week was that I felt I was in the right place a lot. We were walking on Saturday and Elder Cardenaz was being a little down on himself. Well we got to a Recent Converts house named Dave Andress and well, Bro. Dave was way more depressed than he was because his daughters didn't really want to spend time with him especially with fathers day being the following day. So we did our best to cheer up Dave and in doing so E. Cardenaz was cheered up himself. After that I noticed a lot of cat hair on my pants and started freaking out saying I needed a lint roller or tape to get it of for like the next ten minutes. I saw some lady and was going to ask her if she had any tape to remedy the problem we ended up talking to her about the differences between the Catholic church and ours for like 45 minutes. She was really cool just couldn't beleive in a great apostasy but I ended up forgetting to ask her about tape anyway. Then last night we were talking about the power of sealing a family together forever at The Angersteins, a family that isn't sealed together forever currently and we're hoping that the father will take the steps he needs to so he can be sealed to his wife and children.

Well I love you all and Happy Fathers Day! Especially you Dad.

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