Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm in a library with fake butterflies over my head.

This week was a little bit better work wise. We started the week quite well Taylor our strongest investigator right now is keeping commitments. Which is such a relief to us. She's getting a little scared to be baptized because she doesn't feel that she knows the Book of Mormon well enough. So the past few visits with her have just been in the B.o.M. But i'm not to worried about her refusing to be baptized. If she's been praying (which she says she has) God will send her an answer. We had a good member present lesson at Miss. Zelma Kennerly's. The member was Debbie Williams one of the 15 names for the ward mission process. So we were killing two birds with one stone. The best part about it is that the investigator knew Sis. Williams mother and watched her grow up a little bit so that was awesome. Although sadly we were planning on having 3 investigators to church. One dropped us entirely, one slept in, and then Taylor is awesome and came to church.
This week we had Mission Conference with Elder Bradley D. Foster of the Seventy. He gave a talk last conference called "Mother told me." Pretty cool visit, his wife gave a very inspiring talk and he finished it off with the book of Moses. Showing us this little clip of the Hubble Teloscope pointing in some direction of the universe just because and finding like thousands-billions of galaxy and then relating it to that is what Moses saw to cause him to write "man is nothing." It for sure made me feel rather small but humbled.Then he gave a small anecdote about a member in 1857 named Joseph Millet who answered a fellow members prayer for flour. Bro. Millet was at home when his children came in saying Bro. Thomas is out of flour. So Bro. Millet filled a bag of flour and was gonna drop it off later. Just then Bro. Thomas knocks on the door. Bro. Millet answers it and says "Bro. Thomas I hear your out of flour. I've got some for you right here." Bro. Thomas starts to cry and says "I've been searching for quite a while but nobody had any to spare. So I went and prayed and the lord said go to Joseph Millet." The lord knows and trusts his servants.
Also I discovered that in Moroni 10:4. The lord asks us to pray to know "if these things (the book of mormon) are not true." He doesn't say ask if the Book of Mormon is true. He kinda says "Try me, If you have faith i'll make it manifest unto you."
OH! And I spoke to a very West Virginian man the other day. He for sure sounded like Boomhower from King of the Hill.

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