Monday, May 10, 2010

Just over a month

Well hiya. Um... I talked to most of you yesterday but oh well you'll probably read something of a repeat. This week we have had only partial success but I think it was ok. The weather was a little odd. Well the Jones family fell through. The parents of the grandchildren wanted to investigate the church before they let their children move forward with anything. Which is understandable so Thursday we stopped by and gave the Grandmother Betty Jones some Book of Mormons. Also we said to have them give us a call if they needed anything at all. Especially have the parents give us a call. Uh...friday i think the weather went whacko when we got home for the night. The thunder and lightning was intense and very loud. I was talking to our neighbor out on the porch who was smoking. He mentioned that he wanted to quit so I invited him to throw the ciggarette off the balcony and into the rain. Then we continued talking about the church and while he was talking we both saw lightning hit a tree like 50 or so feet away. The guy stopped mid-sentence and ran back into his apartment. Also when the lighting struck Elder Cardenaz had turned out the light and I said "Oh my gosh I think the power just went out." Also during this week sometime we were talking to our new investigator (who let us in cause she thought we were Jehovahs Witness'). Her name is Jennie-Mae Johnson. Very nice lady. The absolute worst mumbler i've ever met. Its really hard to tell if she's understanding us because of it. Well I'm at a loss for anything to write. So Joseph Smith is a true prophet of our Heavenly Father who loves us. I know that Joseph Smith was foreordained to restore the gospel in this last dispensation. The things that courageous man went through to do so were heartwrenching to think and hear about as I have studied his life. But I know that he has done more for the salvation of men save Jesus only. To think that he influenced millions of lives over one experience with the help of the Book of Mormon and our Heavenly Father is truly amazing. I know that Jesus Christ atoned for my sins and when we use the atonement through repentance we can feel its releiving power. I know that without it I could not return to live in Heavenly Fathers presence because we're a falllen people. But Heavenly Father is doing all he can to get as many souls to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. I am grateful to be an instrument of our Heavenly Father in bringing people back to him. The work may be hard but my burden is light when I rely upon the lord. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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