Monday, July 25, 2011

Area frog hopping

Definitely had a different week here in Findlay, technically the Findlay Zone.
Monday was a nice p-day it was mostly spent relaxing but we did get some fun stuff in. That night Elder Green and I ate dinner at the Caldwells and that was fun because they've got some nice quirks to them and they are both RM's and have been trying to find us people to teach, plus it was raining like a hurricane outside the biking Elders got absolutely drenched.
Tuesday we went to the Fremont District Meeting which was very well done by Elder Pratt. Afterwards Elder Green went on exchanges with Elder Farmer and I went with Elder Metcalf in Tiffin. We were going to have Elder Farmer work with Elder Green and the walking Elders over the next couple days and I was going to go to Tiffin one day and Fremont the next. Elder Metcalf is a great missionary, I was so very impressed with him, he is light years ahead of where I was when I came in the mission. At the beginning of the exchange I had put my sleepover stuff in the Trunk of their car and it ended up being a fail because when we tried to open the trunk it wouldn't because my blanket got stuck in the lock. We had to go get some nice professional guy help us get it unlocked. Tiffin was just full of opportunities to contact all day and we had a great time doing that.
Wednesday I went to Fremont with Elder Pratt and we had a miracle. First off the entire day was planned with appointments (which was awesome) but we got a call from one of them and she cancelled and literally minutes later we got another call from a member and he invited us over to come and meet some people he was planning on inviting to church at the exact time of the cancelled appointment. It was awesome! We got there and after about a half hour of talking to them the member forced all of us into a Restoration lesson. We ended up picking them up as investigators and they are relatively solid. Just a good exchange with Elder Pratt altogether. That was pretty much the highlight of the week.
I also went on exchanges with Elder Ditto when the AP's came for exchanges. He's a good missionary and we were able to teach Charlie who has been difficult to teach since he was baptized and that went really well too.
Sunday was weird, our ward went on the Trek this week and also a missionary came back from her mission this week as well. So we had a two hour sacrament meeting and that was different. It consisted of a homecoming talk and then pioneer day music and testimony's that had come because of the trek. I liked it a lot reminded me of the Trek I went on like 4 or 5 years ago weirdly enough.
Anyway love you all. Transfers happen on the third so we'll see what happens.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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