Monday, November 21, 2011


Elder Stevens and I have really stepped up our game this week in finding people to teach. The non-members we have been helping are just not working with us. We've done a significant amount of contacting by just riding the bus system around. It just feels like a much better way to talk to someone and they usually have to listen to us for a little while and some actually like having the conversation while waiting on the bus. Also keeps us warmer : ). Getting them to commit to being taught and also being home when we come to see them has been a much different story however.
But I know eventually someone in the group of contacts will truly want to change their lives it is just a patient process. I at least know this from past experiences but especially with what has been happening with the Molina family in the Kirtland area. These sisters (one in particular) have had nobody to work with almost the entire time I've been in Cleveland. This family referred themselves and they all came to church yesterday. It's pretty amazing.
Some good things that happened this week was the baptismal interview with Barbara Dehanna in the Hiram area. She is a wonderful lady who was truly seeking the gospel and has wholeheartedly embraced it. Mario a person that we have been working with showed up late to church but he did show up and he said that what we taught really hit him in a good way. The less-actives we have been working with are just doing wonderful and they are truly repenting and changing their lives.
We've been working with a few families in the ward and the Bagley family has a friend named Angela that we gave a Book of Mormon during dinner last night. Pretty good experience after eating some cafe rio.
Well I love you all. If you feel like getting on i put my profile on there. Just look up either Cleveland Ohio or Lance Sumsion and you'll find me.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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