Monday, November 14, 2011

"Open your mouth and speak miracles." ~Elder Holland‏

“If you could look into the heavens and see who you really are, you would be overwhelmed with your capabilities, your talents, your spiritual qualities, and the vision of what you are able to become. If we knew now who we really are, we would feel different about ourselves. We would be excited and enthusiastic about this life even with its burdens and frustrations.” –President Harold B. Lee

This week has not been to bad. The people we have been teaching have been moving or have been slightly noncommittal. However the less-actives that we have been working with namely sis. Jackson and also Bro. Thomas have been doing wonderful things. We are hoping to start working with the grandchildren of sis. Jackson so that they can truly experience the blessings of active membership in the church.
Bro. Thomas is just awesome, he has been slowly breaking out old habits and catching a vision of a better self. He called us the other day and asked us about seeing himself being a better scripture reader. He basically told us that he has caught a vision of himself being a better scripture reader and then asked us if that would be possible. We told him defiantly. He was very happy to hear about that and it very much left an impression on my mind of how awesome the gospel is.
The most exciting thing to happen however is we were able to get in the home of some member's the Jordans who have been in this area for quite a long time and they looked over the ward list with us and gave us some names of people in the ward that might come back to church. We invited them to go and see them and ask them if the missionaries can come over. We are super excited to see what happens with that because from there we can change lives and find other lives that have been searching.
We had zone conference this week as well. It was pretty great. I'm excited to see the changes that will be happening in the mission as we prepare for the Christmas season. There is a nativity thing going on in Kirtland where tons of Nativity's from around the world are all shown in Kirtland. I've seen a few of them, they are pretty dandy.
I love you all. : )
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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