Monday, November 7, 2011

What ship do you choose?‏

Been a very good week. A lot of the people we have been working with have been uncommital or they are moving. Sadly Nicole has not been keeping commitments the past few weeks and has been very hard to work with so Elder Stevens and I are planning on giving her a couple weeks or so before we make an effort to see her. Hopefully she makes an effort to see us and shows forth some desire in being baptized. We really love her a lot and she's doing better than she was at first but we've done all we can to this point in helping her. Even gave her an Alarm Clock to help her wake up. She'll come around.
Jenetta and her boyfriend Rob have outside of our area. So we will be handing them off to the Mayfield sisters in a joint lesson hopefully tomorrow if all goes well. She still wants to go to this ward however so it might be a little difficult making the transition. It always is for people who are so attached to members in specific wards. Although the Lords kingdom must be built in the order that he sends to his Prophets and leaders. I think the sister's teaching them (especially her) will be very helpful progression wise. However Jenetta did also introduce us to a nice girl named Jenny at a lesson we had planned in a member home. We taught her and she seems very intent on looking into the gospel.
Sis. Jackson is a great lady we've been working with who has truly commited herself to church despite many difficulties which is just amazing. She brought her non-member granddaughter to church yesterday.
As well as another wonder person we have been teaching Bro. Washington. He brought his friend Lee to church yesterday and he seemed to like it a lot. We will hopefully be teaching them both tonight.
Working with people who have had testimony issues truly does bring forth a lot of friends to help as well it just requires a lot of patience and love.
Had a leadership training meeting this week and it was pretty amazing but I did want to share something relatively funny that my mission president and his wife shared with us.

Pres. Sorenson (who by the way is not a fan of relaxing and wasting time. He is pretty much a no stop business man) "I hope you just don't stand around in the Shower."
Sis. Sorenson (very much about etiquette and being clean and pretty much civilized and very loving) "I hope they do a little bit."
Pres. Sorenson "He Stinketh" John 11:39
Gave me a bit of a chuckle.

I also heard a really good analogy/vision from Sis. Jackson last night at the Webbers for dinner. She said that she had a dream in which she was on the sea shore and it was just wonderful. Out in the distance she could see a ship that was being tossed back and forth by the waves and a storm. She saw another ship that was docked at the harbor and seeming to have no difficulty at all. Then she heard the Lord speak and say you have a choice to be on either of those ships right now, whichever ship you choose I will be with you. Which ship do you choose? She thought for a second and chose the ship out in the storm because he promised he will be with you on either. After the story Sis. Webber said that ships are not meant to be docked all the time. That's not how they were made.
I love you all.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

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