Monday, November 28, 2011

"I persisted in doing the things I felt were right." ~Bro. Paul Tippetts‏

Well to say that this week hasn't been awesome would be a lie but there has been a significant amount of difficulty. What made the week awesome was really only two very inspired days everything else was just hard work and sacrifice.
Some of the things that has really helped our area to grow is making the effort to talk to people on the bus. We've actually been getting on buses and looking for someone to talk to and doing so. It has been very helpful because you catch people in a free moment and they usually don't mind talking to you.
The best thing that has happened this week is when we went to stop by someone we tracted into named Tiffany Sumner. She is from right next to Elder Stevens home town and when we were first met her it is because Elder Stevens felt like knocking on the door while we were biking past. She was conveniently going to a wedding the next day at the LA Temple. She has tons of member friends out there. Well we stopped by and taught her and I think her mother in law. I'm not sure on that one. She seemed pretty interested in feeding us and taking the lessons.
Another cool thing that happened was a lesson with Jenny someone that Jenetta introduced us too. We went over there with the Smiths and taught them basically that they are children of God. But the cool thing was is that we taught 7 people all of whom are related to Jenny in some way. The youngest one was four and he would make adorable comments like, "So God is Santa Claus." and "So Jesus knows when you have a headache." Also Elder Stevens mentioned being taken out of the presence of God. He replied "Does God like presents too?" Just a wonderful lesson and at the end of it 7 year old girl was very eager to say the closing prayer.
There has been plenty of other people like that this week as you can see we have 9 new investigators. Some of them are pretty sketchy but God only knows the intents of their heart all we can do is teach and invite and see if they follow through with that.
I love you all to bits and don't worry I was fed Thanksgiving very well this week.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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