Monday, May 16, 2011


It has been kind of a different and unexpected week here in Findlay. First off Elder Haines and I had a pretty good last couple of days working with each other. We had a good lesson with Charlie on Monday and sadly we haven't been able to see him the rest of the week because of school/finals week, his new job, and something I only recently learned about was that his mother was getting remarried yesterday. So he's been really busy, although we have been able to keep in contact with him over the phone.
Tuesday was a pretty awesome p-day. Nick Rackley a member out here came with us to a driving range. It was the first time I've ever been to one and I kinda enjoyed it, I'm still not super good but after Nick gave me a few pointers I was able to drive it about 125 which was sweet.
Transfer day was a good day, I worked in the walking Elders area with Elder Scovill. We went to one of the Recent Converts home in their area named Mellissa Garcia. She needed us to bug bomb her place and we kinda wanted to help her do it really badly. She had nine bug bombs so we went out and bought some bandanas so we could be moderatly safer and look like gangsters while we set the things off. Right when we started Elder Scovill sprayed one of the bombs directly in his face. So the whole time we were setting off the bombs he was super confused. Later that night when I found out that we would be in a triple-up with Elder Ehlert and Elder Conlin. Elder Conlin works in a town called St. Marys (its the farthest area away from the mission home you can be). His companion got sent home for medical issues the day of transfers. Normally Elder Conlin would serve in his district but we couldn't do that either because the missionary in his district is training and he needs to do that just more of a one on one thing. So we are now with him I was a little shocked although it has been fun having now 5 missionaries in the apartment, just a little cramped though. We went down to St. Marys that night and got Elder Conlin the stuff he needed for his extended stay and came back and moved the couch into our room so he would have a place to sleep "In the same room but not in the same bed." (As it says in the missionary handbook).
On Saturday was the most exciting thing that happened this week. We were able to teach our new investigator named Joshua. He has been recently going to another church and that has been bringing up a lot of questions, he met a member that goes to the Lima ward on-line and started talking to her about religion and she referred him to us. We had a very good first lesson with him and are planning on setting a Baptismal Date with him the next time we teach him. He almost came to church but didn't feel totally comfortable yet because it was Stake Conference.
Stake Conference was awesome by the way. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake with Elder Eyering, Elder Ballard and a couple other church leaders. They urged the members and missionaries in the north eastern part of the country to Repent and not justify sin, to do missionary work better and in more of a hurry because we are in the last dispensation and to be Optimistic. Also Pres. Eyering said something cool which was a quote from either the scriptures or another general authority. He said that the church would be ready for the second coming, so as long as your in it and trying to be better (having faith, repenting, keeping covenants, following the spirit in enduring to the end) all the problems would be taken care of because the church will be ready for the savior. I thought that was cool.
Well I love you all ta bits.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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