Monday, May 2, 2011

Taka Taka Time!‏

Had a pretty good week. There was quite a bit of potential for a Findlay flood this week. Findlay has a river that runs through it and I've heard of the town flooding more than once so its not to much of a surprise. It actually gives the church a very good name in the town. So we spent quite a bit of time helping a member prepare for it and then we helped him fix it back up when it was not going to flood anymore. We were able to teach Charlie twice this week. The first lesson with him was just awesome and the spirit was very present, plus the lesson just seemed to be perfectly adapted to him and all the concerns he was bringing up. The next lesson he had asked a question about church organization and priesthood organization so we spent quite a bit of time going over answers to those questions. Elder Haines and I decided the spirit needed to be more present in the lesson so we're gonna try to answer his question but also bring the spirit more. Another cool thing that happened is a we got a lesson in and a baptismal date with Tom Anknee. A couple weeks ago we got a call from a member in North Carolina about his brother that lives in our area and his family. His newborn twins were having breathing troubles so they requested a blessing for them. Elder Haines and I (with the help of a pre-missionary named Curtis Wilkerson) went and gave the blessing, when we left Elder Haines asked if we could call them in about a week and see how they are doing. So we did and we were able to get another appointment, plus the newborn's haven't had any trouble since(it's a different experience giving a baby a blessing). This time we went over there with (Father and RM) Bro. Kregar. The lesson went rather well Bro. Anknee accepted a baptismal date for June 11th and his daughter Lannie(11) sat in the lesson. At the end of the lesson his wife came home and we were able to talk to her too. All around it went pretty well and we'll be seeing them later on in the week. Also to give props to Elder Haines he wailed on Elder Scovill and I playing Risk a week ago. This week I was also able to go on an exchange with Elder Quarnberg in my zone. He's pretty great the weird thing was that I had gone on an exchange with him and Elder Perkins almost exactly a year ago in Fairlawn.
Well I love you all! Happy Mothers Day coming up here soon.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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