Monday, May 23, 2011

J-Yes the letter J‏

The week started out with a drive to St. Marys to drop off the car down there so that we can get a cheaper price on fixing the car from a recent deer hit. It wasn't to bad and we were able to stop by Lima as well and play some b-ball with them.
Zone Development Meeting was on Tuesday. It was pretty good, Elder Ehlert said some stuff and I said some stuff and then we commited everyone to work harder as well as ourselves. Later that night we were able to teach Charlie pretty much everything else he needed to know and then we picked up and dropped off some missionaries in our zone and we drove them to Westlake where the mission home is near Cleveland. We able to spend the night there because of the following days activites.
Leadership Training the next day very much appreciated and pretty much awesome. I especially enjoyed a workshop by Sis. Golightly, she really put a lot of thought into it. Basically she tried to help feel the spirit by removing some of the 5 senses we had. The first time she had a missionary bear his testimony and then another bear his while the light were turned off. Then she had one missionary hold up a picture of the Savior and then stand inbetween Elder Perkins(he was in my first district and ward with me) and I. She then had me bear my testimony and then gave Elder LaBar(playing the investigator, he was also in the same distirct as me when I was in Ashland) some earplugs and had Elder Perkins bear his (Because we happened to volunteer for that one). Then she had another missionary bear his and the next missionary just gave another missionary playing the role of an investigator a Book of Mormon. It was pretty cool.
On Friday we were able to go down to Lima with Bro. Lawrence in the ward and teach Charlie and one of his roomates. Satan had been working hard on Charlie this week and he brought up some concerns but they were just evidences of repentence and his sincerity in joining the church.
The next day he was interviewed.
Then on Sunday Charlie was baptized and confirmed after church. It was a great experience and his mother, step-father and father were there (plus some friends that I didn't get to meet). His father has been taking the missionary lessons down in Columbus. They were all touched by the spirit and I'm hoping that they continue to feel those feelings. Yup Charlie is pretty much awesome and I'm super excited to see his progression in the church as time goes on here in Findlay. Oh and by the way at his baptism I discovered that Charlie is actually his middle name that he goes by because his first name is J. Yes the letter J. No not Jay just J.
It has been a pretty decent week otherwise, we are back to finding and I know someone or some family will turn up soon.
Love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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