Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Epic Story.‏

We went through some pretty difficult experiences this week but they seem like nothing when we're working with Charlie Palmer. To let you know we had found a family last week and we were going to start working with them, the Anknee family. Well they were actually just trying to get money from the church and when we couldn't get to them, they dropped us. Also we had a lot of failed appoinments. So all that was a bit dissapointing but on Sunday the Lord showed us a blessing through an experience that Charlie had. Thursday he was at Wal-mart and when he came back to his car after shopping he discovered that someone had hit his car and knocked off his back bumper. Friday night he was coming home from a date with a member and he was praying to know what getting involved with the church will bring him. When he finished his prayer he realized he just missed his turn. So while he was flipping back around his car died on him. At this point he was getting very unhappy with how long it was taking him to get home. He went to go look under the hood of his car and then he heard somebody crying, he looked to see who it was. He saw a man walking around in some trees completly drunk and the mans car stuck on the train tracks. He then called the cops to tell them a car was stuck and they said that a train was going to be there in about 5 minutes and they weren't going to be able to stop it. So Charlie ended up having to do something about it. He went and grabbed some rope from his car tied it around the other car and came back to his car and realized that because the bumper of the car got smacked off by somebody in the walmart parking lot he was able to just tie it right on the metal bumper right underneath quite easily. He did so and somehow his car started so he could pull the other car off the tracks. He suceeded and then the train was coming. When the drunk guy saw this he started running toward the train to commit suicide. Charlie tackles the guy and save his life. Then when Charlie stood back up a rock that had been knocked up because of the car on the traintracks flew and hit Charlie right around his bottom right rib knocking him right into the ground. He went to the hospital and miraculously the rock hit in just a place where it wasn't going to cause any damage. He took this experience as an answer to his prayer and it built his testimoney quite a bit. Yeah...Charlie is awesome and I'm so grateful for Heavenly Father guiding him to the church. I loved talking with you all on Sunday as well. Transfer information came out last night. Elder Haines is being transferred in the same stake so I'll still get to see him a little bit and I also found out my most likely 99% sure next comp. His name is Elder Ehlert, he's another Zone Leader up in Toledo Ohio and his getting transferred in the same stake and Findlay is the only other Zone Leader area in this stake. So unless he gets released. I find out later today. Well I love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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