Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It has been an interesting week. We've had a pretty decent amount of success with knocking doors but the best one was when we were actually stopping by a less-active in a town that we can rarely get to due to miles. We knocked on the door and a girl named Stephanie (that we later found out) said "Hi! Come on in." We were all kinda confused and then we asked if there was a male in the home. There wasn't so we had to set up an appointment for the next day and when we came back the next day we tracted before the lesson and found some more potential for that area. It was pretty neat, the best part though was the lesson with Stephanie, she seems pretty genuinely interested. She's also got an adorable daughter named Riley. Sadly though we haven't been able to see her again because two of her co-workers up and quit so now she has to work a lot more. There has been a few other people that have been a little interested recently just from tracting. Also we went to a place called Chopin Hall. Its a service place in our area and it is a pretty good place to contact people we have about 2 minutes to talk with them and then invite helps me keep on my toes it was pretty cool.
So...there has also been some awesome weather this week. We were actually in the middle of a lesson when hail started falling from the sky some of them being bigger than golf balls (probably the size of a billiard ball), we had to cut that lesson short but we did get a new investigator out of it though her name is Lisa. She's a cousin of a less-active member. Anyway we ended up having to stay inside the rest of the night because there was about 5 funnel clouds that opened over Findlay (according to a member) non of them touched down but it was pretty epic weather. The hail damaged a lot of cars all over the place leaving lots of dents on the roofs and also breaking some windshields. Anyway it was awesome.
Love you and happy birthday Dad and Amanda!
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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