Monday, August 8, 2011

In the heart of it all.‏

Well I have now been transferred to my 6th area and yesterday was crazily enough my 16 month mark. Gives me a little bit of an icky feeling down my back.
At transfer meeting a lot of the great missionary's that I have had the privilege to serve around finished their missions. Elder Haines is gone and also Elder Farmer who is just awesome. All is well though. Oh and Elder Dowley is training so I'm a Grandfather!
My new area is pretty much awesome. I am now in the Kirtland District (in the Kirtland Zone) which is pretty sweet, because I get to go to Kirtland every week. I'm serving in the East Cleveland area. Which is pretty intense because the entire ward is ours and it is all a biking area. I'm going to be monster thighs when I leave. Plus it is the most ghetto area in the mission I've heard which is pretty sweet. I've got tales that I could tell about this area but I won't : ). There is so many people too, I love it. Plus in the ward is a Brother Tippets (I kind of recognized him). I believe he said he was on Team Focus with Jared when he was running for student body president way back when.
My new companion Elder Prince is an amazing missionary. I'm having trouble keeping up with him and how great he is at being a missionary. You would never have guessed this is his second transfer, he's just inspiring. I still live with 4 elders too. We live with the zone leaders Elder Bills and Elder Rangel (ran-hel) both of which are just great.
It kinda feels like I'm back in Fairlawn/Akron.
Lots of things to do today and I love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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