Monday, August 22, 2011

Mormon Dynasty.‏

You have just gotta love all the interesting and wonderful experiences that you can have in Cleveland. The highlights of the week are teaching our new investigator Ben Kleidman, he's 16 almost 17 and is very interested in the church and asking for himself. I'm really super excited to see what happens as we work with him. He's very busy though so he's hard to meet with. Also we met with a referral named Pam and she sincerely wants to change her life the trials in her life have made her very humble and we had an awesome lesson with her. Another highlight of the week was sacrament meeting when a Bro. Gomez gave one the most inspiring talks on missionary work that i have ever heard it was just absolutely amazing gave Elder Prince and I one of the best compliments I've ever had in my life. Really appreciated everything he said.
My left arm has healed up quite a bit but it is still rather sore. That's pretty much the only thing bothering me from my accident but it really ain't to bad.
Funny thing that happened this week. We were leaving an appointment from a wonderful lady named Sis. Gray and while we were walking away we see some guy so we ask him if he wants a card. He asks us if we have a cigarette, we say we don't smoke and then he turns to some other guy across the street and he gives him one. We start talking with both of them and the second guy leaves pretty quickly and then we tell the other guy where our church is located. Euclid and 77th next to Aldis's. He then asks if its the church on Mayfield road, we say no and repeat ourselves. He then asks us if its on Bellflower road, we say no it's The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He says oh! Church of a Jesus Christ of mount Zion! We say no and repeat ourselves again and start trying to leave because he wasn't all there. We give him a card and reads Mormon and then says you from the Mormon dynasty, we look at him confused and start talking about the book of Mormon. He says oh the book that talks about the 14th century theologian John Mormon who crossed the sea to get to America of the Mormon dynasty. I just started laughing and so did my companion because it was such a silly conversation and then the zone leaders came by so we got away.
Also had another guy when I was on exchange with Elder Moffett (a missionary who will be joining me on the plane home) he's going to be with Elder Prince and I for a little while because his companion is in the Cleveland Clinic with Pancreatitis. He said that Mormons are crazy people that run around in the forest and do all sorts of things. I stopped him by saying "I'm a Mormon and we don't do any of that stuff." He looked so confused. I really like Cleveland and missionary work it's fun. : )
Anyway, love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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