Monday, August 15, 2011

Satan usually doesn't drop flowers on hippies but in Cleveland...‏

We have had a week full of a lot of hard work with members and we've seen a little bit of results but nothing too extreme right now. Elder Prince and I have been trying to set goals for missionary work with the members in our area. Because allot of the people we have been talking with either are not very interested or they skip out on appointment's because of lack of commitment or they're little crazy. Although I'm convinced with enough hard work and help from fulfilling purpose with members we will see some solid member referral baptisms. That's usually how it has gone for me in my past area's I get to an area that is kinda dead and then we just start working and people show up. We had dinner with one family the Bagleys and they invited 2 non-members over with whom we were able to share a quick message with that was pretty cool and we will see where that goes. We've been working hard and I'm determined that we get some more members out with us despite the difficulty of their school schedules because most of the members in our ward go to Case Western University for their medical/dental/lawyer degrees. Makes for a lot of solid and busy members (oh and by the way Bro. Tippits actually ran against Jared in the thingy, he's an awesome guy). Anyway there has been a lot of good happen this week. We have a new investigator is a nice lady named Miss. Fuller was nice enough to talk with us after another investigator shrugged us off. Anyway it has been fun working in this area and Elder Prince and I are enjoying ourselves talking with some of the interesting people Cleveland has to offer. The other day we talked to this lady and she flat out said Gambling ruined her life, then we asked her what would be the best thing to help you get your life back (thinking she would say Church or Jesus or something akin to that) she said winning the lottery...sigh...people will understand someday. On Tuesday to kind of start off our week we were biking home from district meeting and I waved at some lady because she was staring at me funny and then looked at Elder Prince who then moved to the right, I looked down and saw a fire hydrant right in front of me. I smacked dead center into that and was flung over my handlebars and the hydrant onto the cement. My right hand started bleeding and my left wrist is now in a sort of brace that you can purchase over the counter because I sprained it pretty bad. But anyway I've healed up quite a bit since then. Also so you don't get weirded out and confused by the title of my email we were teaching a lesson and we looked at a mural painted on the wall of this coffee shop we were teaching in (I know not the ideal place to teach). In the mural there was a flying Satan dropping flowers on hippies, I thought that was odd and funny so decided to include it. Oh and yesterday we're not over the singles branch but 4 Chinese non-member's came to church and they were totally awesome I loved talking with them and how humble they were. But yeah they had heard about Mormons and wanted the chance to see what we were like. Anyway...
Love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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